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Our history

The company "Autoservizi Murdaca" was founded in 1957 after a very long time spent in Argentina by the founder Ciccillo Murdaca, already owner of another company operating in public transportation in Buenos Aires.

In 1979 Antonio, son of Ciccillo, became the spokesman of the company and in 1988, with his brothers Rocco and Gerardo, carried on excellently the name of the company.

In 2006 the three brothers separated and the company was refounded by Antonio and his son Francesco, a new generation that keeps on going.

The company offers their clients highly qualified drivers and organizes transportation services with various types of vehicles.

Experience and professionalism allow the company to enjoy a relationship based on trust with it's clients as is demonstrated by the continuing increase in demand for our services, both in public transportation and in tourism.

It is in this sector, tourism, that our company has excelled over the past 20 years in a continuing partnership with one of the largest international agencies, Globus, who entrusts us with thousands of clients each year.

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Services "MURDACA"

The company is able to offer professional drivers who speak English.
Thanks to a continuing effort and acquired respect in half a century of activity, the company can offer a vast range of services with professionalism and competence.
The company is in contact with the best tour operators and therefore capable of creating personalized trips for every type of business or personal need.
For reservations one can call either the office or send an email.
With the modernization of operating processes, the company is capable of controlling daily it's committments and constantly updating it's services according to the requests of the clients. We offer a complete research service of the trip in order to be more efficient and apply the most convenient price on trips, vacations and excursions.

The territory of Locri

The territory of Locri is a land of extraordinary beauty along the Ionian Sea with more than 100 km. of panoramic coastline, a world where nature alternates with ancient forms of civilization, and it is possible to rediscover regional traditions, art, gastronomy and folklore.